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Why we chose Freshworks

The founders of FreshSolutions have been working in the technology industry both nationally and internationally for many years. We recognized that there has been a lack of good choice for small companies in Ireland for suitable software solutions to help run their businesses easily, effectively and efficiently. Many of the main software providers unfortunately seek business with larger companies and display a distinct lack of interest in those micro and small enterprises that form the backbone of the Irish business market.

In general, the options available were

  • Too Costly – entry-level pricing might be low, but to get the functionality you needed, you often needed to pay over €100 per user…… per month.
  • Too Complicated – non-intuitive, not easy to use, clunky, with too many clicks and complex steps required to perform what should be simple actions. This often leads to additional charges to receive training, implementation and customisation services.
  • Poorly Integrated – you either spent a fortune on integrating with other software systems or more commonly, end up using multiple software systems, with the consequent result of multiple data ‘silos’.
  • Poorly Supported – you either had to pay significantly extra for support or perhaps not get any support at all.

Sound familiar? It likely does to many. In Ireland, it can be particularly difficult for small companies to find good support and training for many software solutions. In fact, a few years ago, when seeking to implement a software solution for a small Irish company, yours truly contacted a SaaS company about providing training and support, only to be told: “we don’t provide that to small companies in Ireland”.

We therefore searched for the past few years for a “kick-ass” software solution and company that would give small Irish companies what they need, and found it with:

What we love about Freshworks, is that it is a company that provides a set of software solutions, including CRM, Helpdesk and Recruitment, that is very much focused on the small business market (see ‘best for small business awards’ here and here). It provides world-class software that compares most favourably to (i.e. outperforms) its competitors, and provides extremely comprehensive, accessible, affordable and easy to use solutions.

In a nutshell, Freshworks provides a suite of solutions that are perfect for small businesses in Ireland today. Some of its advantages:

  • Pricing – it provides feature rich, top class software at a dramatically lower price than its main competitors.
  • Easy – it is an intuitive, easy to learn software – you don’t need to be a techie to start using it effectively AND it provides inbuilt training and support within the solution!
  • Integration – the software has many in-built features that negate the need to integrate other systems in addition to having very easy, ‘native’ integration with many popular software systems.
  • Well proven – over 150,000 companies use Freshworks solutions – so it’s well tested!
  • Support – Freshworks provides the leading support software system in the world through its flagship Freshdesk product, and both this tool, and the company’s culture and focus, ensures that excellent support is only a heartbeat / web chat / email / phone call away.

But with all that said, Freshworks didn’t have an Irish based presence, to both help Irish businesses evaluate its solutions, and also to provide local support when needed. We have therefore created FreshSolutions, to help bring Freshworks to the Irish SME market, and to provide both local support combined with Freshworks global 24/7 support.

We look forward to helping and supporting the Irish market with the fantastic offerings from Freshworks.

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