First Time User Experience Using Freshsales CRM

Introduction:    My objective here is to give an honest overview of using Freshsales CRM in my day to day work. As a user of multiple CRM solutions across different projects, I looked forward to seeing a “Fresh” solution with new and exciting features and a GUI frontend that lets me customise my call views with ease. I wasn’t disappointed.

It all started on Friday 24th August – A meeting request was received to say “You have been invited to a FreshSolutions Demo for Freshsales” with an addendum to say as of next week, we will be moving over to Freshsales CRM.

My first reaction was OH NO .. not another CRM!!

As a user of Salesforce, ZOHO, HubSpot, Leadmaster and ConnectWise, juggling between CRM solutions can be a challenge, especially when using several systems in one day and some are clearly easier to use than      others.

After a quick run through of Freshsales, it became clear that the user interface was cleverly designed with the end user in mind. It offers a well laid menu to required links in just one click of the mouse. Everything makes sense.

ConnectWise was the first CRM I used for years and I loved it. The ability to add data in real time and be accessible to colleagues across different departments was a welcome change from having a mix of manual databases, access files and spreadsheets. I didn’t realise at the time how many menu’s and options I had to click on to update contact information, assign a task to colleague, add a new marketing campaign and run reports.

Initial features that quickly stood out making Freshsales a quick win for me are…

 Multiple Note Options: 

In Freshsales, it is the first time I have seen the ability to change a rating, lead status and add a note without even having to open the contact information. This is a huge advantage when trying to blitz through a call list and frees up valuable time to maximise lead opportunities.

Immediate Access To Call Lists:

Whether campaign data is uploaded as a Contact, Company, Lead or Account, access to the required list is just one click away – regardless of where you are within the Freshsales system.

Filtering Data Views: 

This is my thing, to be able to “slice and dice” data to suit my daily call needs is key. I am constantly changing call criteria and whether it’s ratings, last called activity, phone number, location and many more options, the Freshsales filter option makes this task quick and easy without having to leave your current screen.  Across ZOHO, HubSpot and Salesforce, this task can be very manual and take several stages to complete.

Multiple Contacts Clearly Visible:

This is a feature that speeds up calling.  In for example, ZOHO and HubSpot, you need to scroll down to the end the page or click on a few links to reach additional contacts. In Freshsales they are visible within the main screen of a company.

Speedy Updating of Contact Info: 

Freshsales option to “View & Edit All Fields” offers a one stop screen to add data across every field while only having to press the SAVE icon once. This is a Winner for me as with other CRM’s, especially ZOHO and ConnectWise, you have to add and save individual pieces of data which can clock up your wrap up time in between calls.

General Work Flows:  I noticed when using especially ConnectWise, Sales Force and Zoho that the workflows are not as smooth as they should be. Whilst options are available, they seem to be in different areas of the screen, making each update a separate task within the contact or company. For example, Salesforce is hugely cumbersome to use, even to add a note takes several clicks and stages to capture data.

Another example of the ease of workflow in Freshsales is the ability to send a quick email, add a new contact, schedule a task / appointment and add a new deal without opening the company or contact details. Having this option accessible on the desktop at all times, regardless of what screen you are in is proof that Freshsales has been designed with the end user in mind.

Dial Out Facility: I look forward to being able to dial out from Freshsales when this facility is available which will even further improve my day to day workflow and overall performance.


In summary, I am both surprised and delighted in how quickly I got upto speed in using Freshsales. The intuitive interface and ability to customise data with ease of access has deemed this CRM to be an overall success. Even with only using the basic of features and not yet running reports, accessing sales pipeline analysis and marketing campaigns, Freshsales has steamed ahead as winner.

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