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Are You Paying Too Much For Your CRM?

Are you dissatisfied with your CRM system?

Are you continuing to use it because, well, it’s probably a bit too difficult to move off it to another one, and so you feel a bit ‘stuck’ with it?

Are you paying too much for it?

The answer most likely to all of the above is: “Yes”.


Businesses both big and small commonly sign up to software but then find it too difficult to move off it, even when it becomes out-dated and overly-expensive. They then feel forced to renew with this software incumbent every year (or multi-years), and the longer this goes on, the software becomes more difficult and expensive to replace, and it becomes more of a pain.

We understand this pain.

We have been involved with, and using CRM systems for many years, and we ‘get’ how this can be a real problem for companies.

So, we went looking for a CRM solution that could overcome and solve the above problems of dissatisfaction, change / migration and pricing ………. and we found the solution with Freshsales CRM.

In short, Freshsales, when compared to well-known CRM solutions that you may be encumbered with, gives you MORE features, integration and capabilities at MUCH LESS the price, and makes the migration process from other CRMs VERY EASY.

How does it do this? Well, it comes from the same company that gave the world Freshdesk, that is, a company that knows how to create really brilliant software at an accessible price (for free in many cases!).

In looking at the pricing benefit alone version ‘bigger’ software systems such as Salesforce, Freshsales CRM can provide savings of over 70% in many comparison studies.

Think about that for a moment.

If you’re spending, saying, €10,000 per year on your CRM solution, using Freshsales would actually give you MORE features (to help increase your sales) while saving you €7,000, which you could use for:

  • Increased Profit.
  • Re-investing in other areas in your company.

If you’re spending more like €50,000 per year on your CRM, well……then you really need to move over to Freshsales, and fast!!!

And the great thing with Freshsales CRM, unlike other CRMs, is that you DON’T need to pay annually up front!!! Nope, you can simple pay monthly on a monthly contract, with the impact that has on freeing up cashflow, not being ‘locked into’ a contract, and being able to increase or decrease your # of users on any given month.

In fact, being able to increase or decrease your number of users can be really important to companies that experience churn in staff (common in sales staff), or seasonal peaks and troughs in staff numbers. Freshsales, unlike many other CRMs, totally gives you that option.

So, if you think you’re paying too much for your CRM, or dissatisfied with it at all, why not check it out and take no obligation free web demonstration?

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